Economy Car Rental Carcassonne Airport

Thankfully its not difficult to find an economy car rental at Carcassonne Airport. The last few years have been troublesome financially for many of us. There has been much belt tightening as jobs across many industries have suffered cuts.

Holiday budgets have been cut tight for many people and even decimated for some as they just try to keep their head above water. Its important to take a good long look at your finances when in this situation before deciding if you can afford a holiday. The last thing you want to do is get into more debt.

Thrifty holidays are an option for some. With Carcassonne you have a good chance of getting a cheap flight with Ryanair as long as you book early. Keep in mind their luggage requirements as that can be a very expensive business. When looking for accommodation you should take a look at tripadvisor and read review of places within your price range before making a decision.


As for car hire, you will see when you search under “economy” or “budget” what kind of price range you are looking at. When you have all this information laid out in front of you, you can then make your choice.

May Car Hire in Carcassonne

May can be a great month of the year to get away if at all possible. You get to avoid the summer rush and hopefully bag a few great travel deals as well before demand ramps up. Its also ideal if you prefer your vacations to be a little quieter as you will have a better run of things with shorter lines for attractions or perhaps a little more space on the beach or a table at your favourite restaurant.

Hiring a car in May for a visit to Carcassonne can be sorted right here today. A search for a quick quote will show you just how many great car rental deals are currently available. It might turn out to be a much better idea from a financial point of view to consider May as your holiday month.

We are of course just about to enter the new month so time is of the essence. Start looking around today for what you require for your trip and get everything booked asap.

Go to Gruissan

Hop in your car hire Carcassonne Airport France service and arrive in Gruissan in less than an hour!

Formally a stronghold standing in front of Narbonne, this place has grown into it own over the years and now offers much for visitors. There is lots happening here with various events and festivals to enjoy. The village streets harks back to old times with other parts of Gruissan packing a modern punch.

The salt museum located at  Les Salins du Midi is worth a trip and can be seen by guided tour if you wish. Those with an interest in wine will certainly want to visit Pech Rouge where you can get a full history on wine making in the region, an interesting place for both young and old. One of the local vineyards is owned by the actor Pierre Richard (Château Bel Evèque, – Route des Salins).

Every year on June 29th the Fete de St Pierre occurs. This old festival keeps with tradition, blessing boats and processions as parades take place. Up on Massif de la Clape you should certainly see the Notre Dame des Auzils Chapel. There is a lovely walking route here which commemorates lost sailors with a garden, a cave and fantastic views all along the route.

There are plenty of sporting options in Gruissan with tennis, sailing and windsurfing all popular options.


Visit Minerve

Minerve is a thirty five kilometre drive from Carcassonne. Its another stunning village within easy driving distance and was formally chosen as a winner in “Les Plus Beaux Villages de France” which is a competition run for villages of great beauty. Keep in mind that if driving to Minerve, the main bridge is only accessible to residents.

In the past the village has been regarded as the centre of the Minervois wine region. Make no mistake this is a beautiful part of the world and once you arrive here by car, you can then easily take it all in on foot. You can walk by cliff sides and under hills through tunnels as you hear the water from the river Cessiere roll on. When the water is low you can make more ground, just be sure to take in some advice from locals.




You are never short of day trip options when you make Carcassonne your base. You will find Lagrasse in between Carcassonne and Narbonne. Its  roughly a forty minute drive in your Carcassone Airport car rental.

The village of Lagrasse is well known for its abbey as well as its beautiful streets and houses. It a lovely little place to relax and take in during the summer months with fairs and markets a regular theme. One of the highlights of the village is the hump backed bridge which dates back to the twelfth century. There are some delightful local restaurants serving good food.


The name of the abbey is St Marie d’Orbieu. It was formally one of the most important abbeys in the country with its location not far from Spain. It served as an important centre for political and religious decisions. The tower has two hundred and thirty steps to climb but its well worth it for the view you will be presented with when you reach the top. You can also pick up some nice items at the gift shop.

Swimming as well as fishing are popular pastimes in Lagrasse.

Channel 4 Show set in Carcassonne

You may have caught a glimpse of Carcassonne while channel hopping over the last couple of weeks. Labyrinth by Kate Mosse has been adapted by Channel 4 and its setting is Carcassonne. It doesn’t have an exact timeline with action taking place in the thirteenth century as well as the twenty first as the show yo-yos between time.

Its a great advertisement for the cité as there are some stunning shots of the town which are sure to entice visitors. The program has been a reasonable success with mixed and positive reviews from critics while public viewing figures have been good.  Its amazing what a popular TV show can do for tourism as we have seen down the years though obviously this will be on a small scale in comparison.

Labyrinth is still available to watch on 4od so check it out while you still can if you did not catch it first time around.

Car Hire Excess Insurance Carcassonne Airport

You should always book your excess insurance at the same time as your rental car. No one likes being ripped off! Not only is there the monetary loss but there is also that horrible feeling that you have been taken advantage of. When you pay out for a product and then find that someone else has got it at a far cheaper rate it can feel extremely frustrating.

Excess insurance products can be up to five times as expensive when purchased at the car hire pickup point rather than online beforehand. In the second page of the booking form here at you have the option of including excess coverage in your rental agreement. Its a highly recommended policy offering excellent value.

Of course you don’t have to buy excess insurance during the booking process as you may prefer to shop separately for your rental car and insurance. These days there are quite a few companies which specialise in offering this product. They offer great value and choice with weekly, monthly and yearly options. Having a bit of extra cash in your pocket is certainly no bad thing either.


Carcassonne Flights from the UK

Are you currently trying to find some cheap flights from the UK to Carcassonne? Ryanair are presently the only airline operating out of Carcassonne Airport. Obviously this is not ideal as you would prefer that there be more competition among airlines.

The good news is that in general Ryanair flights are quite reasonably priced. If you leave it late then unfortunately you will probably pay over the odds however you can find extremely cheap flight deals when you book early. Another good thing is that there are flights departing from five different airports in the UK

  • Glasgow Prestwick
  • Liverpool
  • East Midlands
  • Bournemouth
  • Stansted

As you can see, its a good spread of locations throughout the UK so wherever you are living hopefully you will not have too far to travel. There are also two airports offering flights from the Republic of Ireland

  • Dublin
  • Cork


Keep in mind that Carcassonne is also the perfect gateway to numerous other locations in the south of France which can be easily reached with car hire.

Visit Bram

The pretty village of Bram is just a nineteen kilometre drive in your Carcassonne Airport hire car. Its a picturesque spot in the centre of cathar country. You can see many castles perched around the hills nearby Bram. Should you choose to arrive by boat then it may be useful to know that the village is about a 20 minute walk from the port.

Its really a place to just relax and enjoy the natural beauty on offer. Some old churches worth a look include Saint-Julien and Sainte-Basilisse. The Maison d’Archeologie offers the opportunity to see what still exists after thirty years of excavations. If you fancy a little local shopping then try to arrange your visit for a Wednesday morning when the market takes place.


Former famous residents of the Bram include rugby legends Walter and Laurent Spangherro. Some nearby drives worth considering are Montolieu which is eleven kilometres away and Saissac which is a fourteen kilometre distance.

Day Trip to Quillan

Another fantastic place that your Carcassonne car hire can bring you to is Quillan. You will find it to the south of Carcassonne and it should take less than an hour to drive to. Quillan is surrounded by mountains so to say its a scenic area is certainly an understatement.

As you would expect for this part of the country, Quillan is an idyllic little town, wonderful to stroll about and admire.  Head for the old bridge and watch on as boats and kayaks flow down the river. The old castle dates back to the fourteenth century. It has been dismantled over the years and used in local homes however some of it still stands.


A good spot for any visitor to start from is of course the tourist office which is quite unusual in Quillan as it was formally a bath house which supplies it with a unique charm of its own. Heading outside the town, you may wish to take in the lovely village – Camon while the nearby cathar castles are well worth your time.

There are some splendid sights to admire in Quillan which is most obvious when you travel over the bridge and get a glimpse of the homes by the riverside. Here you can see the Pyrenees help form the perfect picture.