Carcassonne Airport Car Rental for Easter Break

Many schools will of course differ on the exact dates but for most the Easter break will occur on days between the 28th March and 15th of April.

Family Holiday Carcassonne

A great time to plan a getaway for the family, the airport tends to be mobbed every year with competition high for the best deals at the most sought after locations.

Cheapest Car Hire Carcassonne Rates

If you search for the cheapest car hire Carcassonne Airport quote between say for example the 29th of March and the 5th of April you will see rental car prices beginning at £248.11 with lots of other options under £300.


Car Rental Quote

Searching for a car rental quote in Carcassonne between the 5th of April and the 12th of April offers considerably better value with rates starting form just £126.08 for 7 days. There are a wide range of vehicles to choose form under the £200 mark.

Huge Savings

It shows the huge savings that can be made by booking early. These rates are correct at the time of writing this article so act fast as they wont last for long.