Car Hire Excess Insurance Carcassonne

You should always book your excess insurance at the same time as your rental car.

Car Rental Excess Insurance

No one likes being ripped off! Not only is there the monetary loss but there is also that horrible feeling that you have been taken advantage of.

When you pay out for a product and then find that someone else has got it at a far cheaper rate it can feel extremely frustrating.

Save Money!

Excess insurance products can be up to five times as expensive when purchased at the car hire pickup point rather than online beforehand.

In the second page of the booking form here at you have the option of including excess coverage in your rental agreement.

It’s a highly recommended policy offering excellent value.

Of course you don’t have to buy excess insurance during the booking process as you may prefer to shop separately for your rental car and insurance.

Online Car Hire Excess Insurance Firms

These days there are quite a few companies which specialise in offering this product.

They offer great value and choice with weekly, monthly and yearly options. Having a bit of extra cash in your pocket is certainly no bad thing either.

car rental insurance carcassonne