Channel 4 Show set in Carcassonne

You may have caught a glimpse of Carcassonne while channel hopping over the last couple of weeks.


Labyrinth by Kate Mosse has been adapted by Channel 4 and its setting is Carcassonne.

It doesn’t have an exact timeline with action taking place in the thirteenth century as well as the twenty first as the show yo-yos between time.

Showcasing the Cité

Its a great advertisement for the cité as there are some stunning shots of the town which are sure to entice visitors.

The program has been a reasonable success with mixed and positive reviews from critics while public viewing figures have been good.

Boost for Tourism in Carcassonne

Its amazing what a popular TV show can do for tourism as we have seen down the years though obviously this will be on a small scale in comparison.

Labyrinth is still available to watch on 4od so check it out while you still can if you did not catch it first time around.