Museum of the Middle Ages

Another place well worth a look is the Museum of the Middle Ages which you will find on Rue des Ramparts, Carcassonne 11000.


This is a two room exhibit. The first room is a video room while the other is split into three, depicting different eras of Carcassonne life through the middle ages.

The venue makes excellent use of lighting and sound to add excitement and interest to the overall experience with each part being lit separately as it is spoken about.

Carcassonne History

You can get a real sense of how it was back in the times when the city was fortified and living conditions were poor. There are interactive parts as well as old surviving relics to view.

The video they show is quite informative and gives you a good understanding of what you are seeing around you when walking in the city.

Family Activity in Carcassonne

Its perfect for both children and grownups with much to enjoy.  The building opens from ten in the morning to seven at night with admission priced at five euro.