Narbonne Day Trip

Narbonne is just a forty minute drive away in your cheap Carcassonne car rental.

It’s an excellent option for a day trip. Its a lovely town, built around a medieval centre, ideal for just strolling around and taking in the sights.

Former Capital of Languedoc

It was formally the capital of Languedoc and has a population today of forty seven thousand. Wine is big business in the town with famed vineyards such Corbières in the vicinity.

Narbonne Cathedral

The Cathédrale de St-Just and St-Pasteur is a marvellous gothic creation which was never fully finished so still has no nave due to concerns at the time (13th century) regarding security.


Patisserie Combot

Those with a sweet tooth will certainly want to visit Patisserie Combot which is located on Rue de l’Ancien Courrier. It’s loved for its fantastic collection of cakes, biscuits and other delicious delights.


The Archbishops Palace is located near the main square and is home to some museums as well as the town hall.

Gruissan Beach

Hop back in your Carcassonne car hire and head for Gruissan beach which is just a twenty kilometre drive away.

If something seems familiar here it may be because you are remembering scenes from the famous film “Betty Blue” where the beach was featured.