Rock Climbing near Carcassonne

If you fancy a serious workout then you may wish to consider rock climbing while in Carcassonne.

Rock Climbing Locations

Many people who come to the region regularly enjoy the pursuit. There are plenty of locations around Carcassonne as well as the Haute Vallée that are just perfect with this in mind.

Notre Dame du Cros

One of the most well known climbing areas is called Notre Dame du Cros which is located at Caunes Minervois. You can choose from three cliffs here depending on your skill level.


Puilaurens should be tackled only by the most experienced climbers while Rocher Ecole de Pierre Lys and Rocher Ecole du Col de Saint Louis can be considered as possibilities by most.


Obviously not something for everyone but worth considering if you want to stretch yourself and try something outside your comfort zone..or of course its quite nice to just stay inside that zone should you wish 😉