Shopping in Carcassonne

Its probably not a city that springs to mind when you think about shopping but nonetheless there are plenty of options in Carcassonne.

Local Products

Local products are quite popular with tourists with items such as antiques high on their wish lists.

Shopping Districts

You could consider the city to have two shopping districts. In Bastide Saint Louis you will find an excellent selection of clothes at boulevard Barbès.

The major shopping streets are also around here such as Verdun Street where you will find all the usual items such as perfumes, shoe shopping and other major expected vendors.

Shopping in Carcassonne 1

Walled Cite Shopping

The walled Cite offers a more personal touch and a better way of getting to know the area.

While its true that most of the shopping is aimed at tourists, you will still find lots of great local crafts and excellent gift purchases for those at home. The castle theme is upheld with items such as swords and armor on sale

Wine Shopping

Wine is another item which many people will be on the lookout for.

You could pay a visit to Cellier des Vignerons which you can find on rue du Grand Puit. They stock a large selection of local wines.