Visit the Raymond Chésa Leisure Park

A great place to experience some beautiful scenery and peace and quiet in Carcassonne is the Raymond Chésa Leisure Park.

You will find the park close by the Cité Médiévale Walls. There are over forty hectares of land.

Biking and Golf

You can partake in such activities as mountain biking, miniature golf etc at the Forestry Acrobatic Park.

Cavayère Lake Walk

Once finished there you can wind down with a relaxing stroll around the Cavayère lake. The route takes about one hour to walk with lots of stunning french landscapes and features to enjoy.

Bird Island

At the centre you will arrive at Bird Island where you will see various water bound species.

Pack some food and drink with you so you can stop and eat some choice foods in a wonderful setting.

Boating in Carcassonne

You may also go boating in this area should you wish.