Go to Gruissan

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Great Gruissan

Formally a stronghold standing in front of Narbonne, this place has grown into it own over the years and now offers much for visitors.


There is lots happening here with various events and festivals to enjoy. The village streets harks back to old times with other parts of Gruissan packing a modern punch.

Salt Museum

The salt museum located at  Les Salins du Midi is worth a trip and can be seen by guided tour if you wish.

Wine Tours

Those with an interest in wine will certainly want to visit Pech Rouge where you can get a full history on wine making in the region, an interesting place for both young and old.

One of the local vineyards is owned by the actor Pierre Richard (Château Bel Evèque, – Route des Salins).

Fete de St Pierre

Every year on June 29th the Fete de St Pierre occurs. This old festival keeps with tradition, blessing boats and processions as parades take place.

Notre Dame des Auzils

Up on Massif de la Clape you should certainly see the Notre Dame des Auzils Chapel. There is a lovely walking route here which commemorates lost sailors with a garden, a cave and fantastic views all along the route.

Sport in Gruissan

There are plenty of sporting options in Gruissan with tennis, sailing and windsurfing all popular options.